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Nutmeg Oil

Ingredient name: Nutmeg Oil
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Cultivation methods: Conventional
Product Origins: Indonesia
Family: Myristicaceae
Synonyms: M. officinalis, M. aromata, Nux moschata, myristica (oil), mace (husk), macis (oil).
Appearance: Colorless to yellow mobile liquid
Principal constituents: Mainly monoterpene hydrocarbons (88 per cent approx.): camphene, pinene, dipentene, sabinene, cymene, with lesser amounts of geraniol, borneol, linalol, terpineol, myristicin (4–8 per cent), safrol and elemincin, among others. Mace oil contains similar co
Odor: Spicy woody nutmeg powdery terpene.
Uses: Used as a flavouring agent in pharmaceuticals, especially analgesic and tonic preparations. Nutmeg and mace oil are used in soaps, lotions, detergents, cosmetics and perfumes. Mace oleoresin is used in colognes and perfumes, especially men’s fragrances. B

Supplier Informations

Supplier name: Aroma Atsiri Indonesia
Suppliers Memberships: IFEAT, Dewan Atsiri Indonesia, CEDEX
Supplier Certifications: ISO 22000, FDA, HALLAL, KOSHER
Supplier headquarter: Indonesia
Supplier Types: Mix
Turnover : $5 Million
Number of employees : 24
Number of products: 52

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Cultivation methods: Conventional