Did you know having you price online will increase the number of sale?

Did you know having your price online leads to more sales?

Keep control on your stock and delivery cost

Preaprouval to let you time to check your stock Send a new offer if the delivery fees are too expensive

Increase the number of sales and leads

Having price online will attrack the buyer and outlight your product in filter result Buyer tend to click 5 times more when prices are online

Reduce your time spend to sale

Reduce the number of quote, messages you reply to Get all your information online will speed up the process.

Increase customer engagement

Buyers are twice as likely to click on your product when they see a price

Save time and effort in your sales process

Customer is ready to purchase in 1 click! Say goodbye to unlimited messages

Keep control on your stock 

Pre-approval step allows you to check your stock and delivery cost

They are using it

They are using it

How it work?


Send us your price list and MOQ and if you price list


You receive inquiry already prepaid


Check your stock, verify the delivery cost and accept the inquiry


A third party tool collect the money and release it after the delivery.

How does it work?

Florasquare uses a known third party payment provided named Mangopay please find their CGU. After purchase, we hold the funds upon the delivery of the merchandise. In case of a dispute, we hold the funds until an agreement is reached between the buyer and the seller.

We charge a low commission fees depending on your annual volume that will be deducted from your revenu. To know more, please contact us at [email protected]

You can reject inquiry from buyers if you don't have enough stocks. No fees will be charge to you. 

You can update your delivery price before accepting the purchase

You can send a a list of your stocks left at [email protected] and we will update them for you. 

You can send us you price list at [email protected] and we will update them for you. 

Do you want to hear more about it?

Do you want to hear more about it?