We are simplifying the sourcing of aromatics natural ingredients

Our goals is to help every buyer of aromatic ingredients to access the best producer like they are traveling to their farm but online, with all the information available and in full transparency of the supply chain, combine with our expertise 

Our Story


From idea to execution. I trace my first steps into the F&F world back to long summers spent in Provence, watching people come from all over the world to look at the lavender fields. Always, they would bring a little part of the magic of Provence, back to their homes in little bottles of essential oils. Fast-forward many years later and I was working in the tech industry, excited about how technology was revolutionizing the world. As exciting as it was, I eventually went back to my roots and pursued my truest passion working in the F&F industry as a broker. Confronted with the issues and problems I was facing everyday as a broker, I realised that I could combine my technological know-how with my passion for this industry. And that is when I turned my idea into reality. Florasquare is the product of my tech know-how, passion for the industry and many hours speaking with you. Suppliers and customers alike. Trying to understand your needs, the direction you want to go in, and how Florasquare can help you get there.

                      Our vision

                                It is to simplify the online purchasing process with blockchain technology that supports

                      Our Value

                               Traceability, sustainability and transparency in the supply chain.