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Roman chamomile Conventional Essential Oil

Ingredient name: Roman chamomile Conventional Essential Oil
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Cultivation methods: Organic, Conventional
Product Origins: Bulgaria
Family: Asteraceae (Compositae)
Botanical name: Anthemis nobilis
Synonyms: Non-toxic, non-irritant; can cause dermatitis in some individuals
Ingredient certifications: REACH, LACON, HALLAL, KOSHER
N° CAS: 84649-86-5 ; 8015-92-7
N° EINECS: 283-467-5
Appearance: Clear mobile liquid
Principal constituents: Mainly esters of angelic and tiglic acids (approx. 85 per cent), with pinene, farnesol, nerolidol, chamazulene, pinocarvone, cineol, among others.
Color: From colorless to yellow-green
Odor: Floral, chamomille, sweet, green
Uses: Used in pharmaceutical antiseptic ointments and in carminative, antispasmodic and tonic preparations. Extensively used in cosmetics, soaps, detergents, high-class perfumes and hair and bath products. Used as a flavour ingredient in most major food catego

Supplier Informations

Supplier name: Alta Oils Ltd
Suppliers Memberships: IFEAT, E.F.E.O, BNAEOPC
Supplier Certifications: GMP
Supplier headquarter: Bulgaria
Supplier Types: Producer
Turnover : $5 Million
Number of employees : 11 - 50
Number of products: 36

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Cultivation methods: Organic, Conventional