Opopanax Gum is a natural resin that is derived from the Commiphora erythraea plant. It has been used for centuries in various medicinal and cosmetic applications. In this technical document, we will provide information for buyers interested in purchasing wholesale quantities of Opopanax Gum.

Synonyms: Opopanax Gum is also known by several other names, including sweet myrrh, bisabol myrrh, and opobalsam.

Botanical Names: The botanical name for Opopanax Gum is Commiphora erythraea.

Part of the plant used: Opopanax Gum is a resin that is exuded from the bark of the Commiphora erythraea tree.

Chemical composition: Opopanax Gum contains a variety of chemical compounds, including resin acids, essential oils, and gum. The resin acids in Opopanax Gum are primarily composed of alpha- and beta-commiphoric acids. The essential oils present in the gum contain a variety of terpenes, including pinene, limonene, and caryophyllene.

Growing locations: Opopanax Gum is primarily produced in Somalia, Ethiopia, and Yemen.

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