Rose, Damask

Rose Damask Co2 Extract is a highly sought-after product in the fragrance, cosmetics, and personal care industries. It is a concentrated liquid extract obtained from the petals of Rosa Damascena flower using a Co2 extraction method. This technical guide is intended to provide buyers of wholesale quantities of Rose Damask Co2 Extract with essential information about the product.

Synonyms: Rose Damask Co2 Extract is also known as Rose Damascena Co2 Extract, Rose Otto Co2 Extract, or Rosa Damascena Flower Extract.

Botanical names: The botanical name for the plant from which Rose Damask Co2 Extract is derived is Rosa Damascena. The plant belongs to the Rosaceae family.

Chemical composition: Rose Damask Co2 Extract contains various chemical compounds, including citronellol, geraniol, nerol, linalool, phenyl ethanol, and various esters. These compounds are responsible for the unique fragrance and therapeutic properties of the extract.

Growing Locations: Rosa Damascena plants are native to the Middle East and some parts of Europe, but they are also grown in other regions worldwide. The highest quality Rose Damask Co2 Extracts come from Bulgaria, Turkey, and India.

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