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BoreA Canada

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BoreA Canada BoreA Canada

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<h2>HISTORY</h2> <p>As a producer and exporter based in Chapais in the Eeyou Istchee James Bay region (Northern Québec, Canada) since 2014, <strong>BoreA Canada</strong> produces essential oils, hydrosols and other high quality extracts through its traditional and innovative extraction processes which are based on sustainability. Plants are harvested far from human habitation and development, coming mainly from public lands covering vast territories with long-term government guarantees. The harvests managed by the government follow a precise framework to insure renewable resources.</p> <h2>CIRCULAR PROCESS</h2> <p>Protecting the environment is important to us! That’s why we are proud to work in co-operation with the power plant, Chapais Energy. By using the excess steam from its production processes and returning our residual extractions as raw material, we create a circular and sustainable production process.</p> <p> </p> <h3>OUR CIRCULAR PROCESS REDUCES GREENHOUSE GASES (GHG) BY 60% COMPARED TO A CONVENTIONAL PROCESS.</h3> <p><strong>BoreA Canada’s</strong> production facilities enable high-capacity scalable production. All operations are supervised, controlled and documented from harvesting trees to the end product. The Canada Ecocert certification obtained in 2015 allows us to offer high-end organic products around the world. The BNQ-CEAF certification (similar to ISO) provides an overall structure to<strong> BoreA Canada’s</strong> forest operations which ensures a respect for the natural environment and thus preserves the abundance of precious natural resources surrounding us.</p>

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BoreA Canada BoreA Canada

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