Tonka essential oil is a valuable and versatile ingredient that is widely used in the cosmetic and fragrance industry. It is obtained from the seeds of the Tonka tree, which is native to South America. The oil has a warm, sweet aroma and is known for its therapeutic properties. In this technical guide, we will provide information that will help buyers of wholesale quantities of Tonka essential oil make informed decisions.

Synonyms: Tonquin bean oil, coumarin oil, Dipteryx odorata oil

Botanical Names: Dipteryx odorata, Dipteryx acuminata

Chemical Composition: Tonka essential oil contains a high concentration of coumarin, which is responsible for its sweet aroma. It also contains other compounds such as dipteronone, dipterocarpol, and dipteryxin.

Growing Locations: The Tonka tree is native to South America and is found in countries such as Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, and Peru. The tree prefers a warm and humid climate and is commonly grown in rainforests.

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