Mimosa wax is a type of vegetable wax that is obtained from the leaves of the mimosa tree, also known as Acacia dealbata. This wax is widely used in various industries, including cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and food. If you are a buyer looking to purchase mimosa wax in wholesale quantities, here are some technical details you should know.

Synonyms: Mimosa wax is also known as Acacia wax, floral wax, and cassie wax.

Botanical names: The botanical name for the mimosa tree is Acacia dealbata, and mimosa wax is extracted from its leaves.

Growing locations: The mimosa tree is native to southeastern Australia, but it is also cultivated in many other parts of the world, including North and South America, Europe, and Asia.

Part of the plant used: Mimosa wax is extracted from the leaves of the mimosa tree.

Chemical composition: Mimosa wax is a complex mixture of long-chain esters, alcohols, and fatty acids. Its chemical composition varies depending on the location where the tree is grown and the extraction method used.

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