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Paul Farrow
  1. Tolubalsam

    Ingredients Category: Resinoids

    Product Origins: India

  2. Styrax

    Ingredients Category: Resinoids

    Product Origins: India

  3. Opoponax

    Ingredients Category: Resinoids

    Product Origins: India

  4. Olibanum

    Ingredients Category: Resinoids

    Product Origins: India

About Company

One of the largest producers of spice extracts, essential oils and natural food colours in the world
Registered In - India
Company Team Size - 100
Certification - NA
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Plant Lipids

Plants Lipids is an Indian-based company that supplies goods by nature and was established in 1979. Driven by passion and philosophy from the beginning, we ensure to deliver an unparalleled array of products and services with innovation and affordability in mind. We ensure the growth and prosperity of our customers by giving every transaction a personal touch and proper attention. As a result, this supplements true value and positive feedback from the clients.

We at Plants Lipids, work hard to ensure that we meet every client’s unique demands. This is made possible with our self-motivated team of experts who have broad experience, thorough knowledge, and a strong understanding of numerous applications throughout the commercial fields.

Plants Lipids Community

The main focus on the activities of the company is directed towards services promoting a safe, healthy, and affordable product supply for all. This is attributed to the fact that we are an agricultural organization concentrating on farmers.

We at Plants Lipids, have installed windmills in Kerala and Tamil Nadu areas to harness wind energy to meet the demand for renewable energy sources. What’s more, we are working on erecting a solar power plant in Andhra Pradesh.

Our main focus at Plants Lipids is to arrange for better education, medical relief, and awareness programs for needy persons in society.


Plants Lipids, today, is among the biggest universal producers of essential oils, spice extracts, and natural food colors. We supply over 500 products to more than 80 countries in the world given our capabilities. This is thanks to our product portfolio that ranges from essential oils, oleoresins, specialty extracts, natural food colors, whole and purified spices, and micro-encapsulated products.

We, at Plants Lipids, have always chosen green development. Here, we work closely with farming communities in sustainable reproductions to ensure communal and social development which account for farm-to-fork traceability. In India, we are recognized for our good practices towards the environment because we thrive in generating renewable energy.

Our crops under Sustainability include ginger, turmeric, red beet and black carrot, Black pepper, red chilies, marigold, garlic, davana, and lemongrass.


Plants Lipids now owns processing facilities in major spice-growing areas in India. What’s more, we have incorporated high-volume, state-of-the-art processing units near areas where the top five first-rate spices (Paprika, Turmeric, Pepper, Ginger, and Capsicum) grow. We have a network of factories that ensure a flexible manufacturing option that eliminates the risks of supply interruptions at any location.

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Paul Farrow

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