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Bruno Jarry
  1. Rosmarinic acid wild (rosmarinus officinalis) - Absolute

    Ingredients Category: Absolutes

    Cultivation methods: Wild

    Botanical name: rosmarinus officinalis

    Product Origins: Morocco

  2. Rosmary antioxidant wild (rosmarinus officinalis) - Absolute

    Ingredients Category: Absolutes

    Cultivation methods: Wild

    Botanical name: rosmarinus officinalis

    Product Origins: Morocco

  3. Helichryse Organic (helichrysum italicum sp italicum) - Absolute

    Ingredients Category: Absolutes

    Botanical name: helichrysum italicum sp italicum

    Product Origins: Morocco

  4. Bitter orange blosom flower Organic (citrus arantium) - Absolute

    Ingredients Category: Absolutes

    Cultivation methods: Organic

    Botanical name: citrus arantium

    Product Origins: Morocco

About Company

Producer of essential oils from Morocco,.620ha (1.500 acres) of farming land
Registered In - Not provided
Company Team Size - 50-200
Certification - Organic
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Are you looking to order the highest quality essential oils and vegetable extracts? Check out PhytoProd and find the best deal possible. Located on 1.500 acres of farmland in Morocco, PhytoProd is a reputable manufacturer and supplier of the best vegetable extracts and essential oils. The company is organically certified under the United States & the UE standards. 

Paying attention to details is an exceptional strong point of this company and it is no surprise that it has become a household name in the world of organic essential oils. To ensure that it offers the best to its teeming clients, PhytoProd plants its herbs and plants. 

The whole crops produced on its farmland are carefully harvested and supplied to the state-of-the-art distillation and extraction plant of the company. This is where all the vegetable extracts and essential oils are processed. 

You never have to worry about any artificial chemicals in our products and neither do you have to worry about contaminants. Our world-class facility and equipment are put to use to remove any form of impurities from our products. Every drop of our essential oil and vegetable extracts is 100% pure and organic with no additives.

Why Choose Us

At PhytoProd, we are committed to offering the best quality products and services to our valued customers. We carefully integrate our farming process and production processing to ensure that each phase of the production, from planting to harvest, production, and packaging, is thoroughly monitored for quality control. When you choose our products, you are assured of the following:

  • Perennial & Safe Sourcing
  • Consistent Quality
  • Full Traceability
  • Steady Prices

We invest heavily into our production process from scratch. PhytoProd cultivates a wide range of aromatic, perfume, medicinal plants, and indigenous, annual, perennial, and imported plants. We also cultivate wild trees, flowers, and bushes. 

The goal is to have every raw material that we need to deliver the highest quality products to our clients. With us, you get premium essential oils, absolutes, concretes, and hydrolats, as well as a range of extracts, including melanin, acids, and antioxidants.

Our Unique Location

Thanks to our unique location in Morocco, we enjoy an exceptionally good climate and soils that produce great yields. Our location has also made it possible for us to develop free trade agreements and enjoy political stability. 

This provides ideal environments for our production processes. PhytoProd enjoys some of the best serene and perennial sourcing destination that makes prompt product delivery to our very demanding clients possible.


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Bruno Jarry

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