Les Arômes du Maroc

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  1. Rose Centifolia

    Ingredients Category: Concretes

    Cultivation methods: Conventional

    Botanical name: Rosa centifolia

    Product Origins: Morocco

  2. Armoise

    Ingredients Category: Essential Oils

    Cultivation methods: Wild

    Botanical name: Artemisia herba alba

    Product Origins: Morocco

  3. Cèdre Atlas

    Ingredients Category: Essential Oils

    Cultivation methods: Wild

    Botanical name: Cedrus atlantica

    Product Origins: Morocco

  4. Ciste

    Ingredients Category: Concretes

    Cultivation methods: Wild

    Botanical name: Cistus ladaniferus

    Product Origins: Morocco

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Based in Morocco, this world-renowned perfume supplier works with aromatic and medicinal plants and supplies essential oils and concentrates to the fragrance industry, as well as the food and cosmetics sectors.
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Les Arômes du Maroc, a supplier with a long history in the global high-end perfume industry, has built its international reputation over 70 years through close collaboration with Grasse's master perfumers.

Utilizing its expertise in the production and extraction of aromatic plants, Les Arômes du Maroc has become a top provider of products such as orange and Damask rose.

Our Markets Les Arômes du Maroc is the primary supplier to the world's leading perfumery destinations, including Grasse, Paris, New York, New Jersey, Tokyo, and Geneva. We also cater to the fragrance and perfume, cosmetics, aromatherapy, and phytotherapy industries.

Our Certifications We hold the GLOBALGAP certification for our agricultural production, and our products comply with the standards set by the International Fragrance Association (IFRA).

Our Sustainable Approach Being in business since 1938 and holding a leadership position in the industry, Les Arômes du Maroc's development has always been sustainable. We give our customers the chance to make a direct impact on the elements that give meaning to our company's existence, such as our flowers and pickers. This demonstrates our respect for both humanity and nature. Additionally, we ensure that our supply chain security meets the high standards demanded by our partners.

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