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Christophe DUPUIS
  1. Cedarwood atlas

    Ingredients Category: Essential Oils

    Cultivation methods: Organic

    Botanical name: Cedrus atlantica (pinaceae)

    N° CAS: 92201-55-3 ; 8023-85-6

  2. Linden blossom

    Ingredients Category: Floral Waters

    Cultivation methods: Organic

    Botanical name: Tilia cordata Mill.

  3. Tagète

    Ingredients Category: Essential Oils

    Botanical name: Tagetes minuta L.

    Product Origins: Egypt, Madagascar, South Africa

  4. Caraway

    Ingredients Category: Essential Oils

    Cultivation methods: Organic

    Botanical name: Carum carvi L.

    Product Origins: Hungary

    N° CAS: 8000-42-8

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Distributor based in France specialized in Essential Oils and Plant Extracts
Registered In - 15-04-2002
Company Team Size - 6
Certification - FDA, COSMOS
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In the heart of Provence Verte, with over 20 years of experience in the trade of aromatic, medicinal, and scented plants, we founded In-Lustrys driven by passion.

Our commitment is to carefully select raw materials from noble and natural origins that are 100% pure, with a significant portion being organic and biodynamic certified. In-Lustrys offers premium vegetable extracts, particularly essential oils, that are respectful of both people and the environment.

Since our establishment, we have formed sustainable and close partnerships with growers worldwide to cater to the demands of our international clients by promoting high-quality productions.

This website is specifically designed for professionals who can explore our wide range of more than 800 natural extracts, including some rare and/or forgotten ones.

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Christophe DUPUIS

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