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Atanas Krachmarov
  1. Zdravetz from Bulgaria - Organic CO2 extract

    Ingredients Category: CO2 Extracts

    Cultivation methods: Organic

    Botanical name: Geranium Macrorrhizum

    Product Origins: Bulgaria

  2. Zdravetz from Bulgaria - Organic Ultrasonic assisted extracts

    Ingredients Category: Raw Materials

    Cultivation methods: Organic

    Botanical name: Geranium Macrorrhizum

    Product Origins: Bulgaria

  3. Zdravetz from Bulgaria - Organic Essential Oil

    Ingredients Category: Essential Oils

    Cultivation methods: Organic

    Botanical name: Geranium Macrorrhizum

    Product Origins: Bulgaria

  4. Vetiver - Conventional CO2 extract

    Ingredients Category: CO2 Extracts

    Cultivation methods: Conventional

    Botanical name: Chrysopogon Zizanoides

    Product Origins: Bulgaria

About Company

A real Bulgarian producer of essential oils, supercritical carbon dioxide (CO2) extracts, food supplements, skin care & cosmetic ...
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Company Team Size - 10-50
Certification - Bureau Veritas, USDA Organic, Société Française des Parfumeurs
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Welcome to Ecomaat: Your Premier Partner in Organic Aromatics and Active Ingredients

About Ecomaat

Ecomaat, a dynamic player in the flavors and fragrance industry, proudly hails from the picturesque landscapes of Bulgaria. As a family-owned business established in 2001, we have evolved into a distinguished producer of essential oils, supercritical carbon dioxide extracts, skincare and cosmetic products, and food supplements. With a dedicated team of 10-15 members, we strive to set the highest standards in the organic certified production across multiple sectors.

Certifications and Commitment

Our commitment to quality is underscored by our esteemed certifications. We are accredited by respected organizations such as Bureau Veritas, Société Française des Parfumeurs, and USDA Organic, among others. At Ecomaat, we firmly believe in communal and social accountability, and our daily operations align with these principles.

B2B Developments: A World of Possibilities

In the realm of Business-to-Business (B2B) developments, Ecomaat stands as a reliable partner catering to diverse industrial needs. We specialize in Flavor and Fragrance production, Skin Care and Cosmetics, Perfume works, and Pharmaceutical products. Our unique extraction methods, including steam distillation, supercritical carbon dioxide extraction, and cavitation extraction procedures, enable us to provide top-tier essential oils, floral waters, and CO2 extracts.

B2C Supply: Elevating Brands, Nurturing Markets

Ecomaat extends its expertise to Business-to-Consumer (B2C) supply, where we foster organic-licensed client products and cater to niche and upscale markets. With a focus on Bulgarian Rose-infused dietetic enhancements, specialized cosmetics, and skincare products, we bring the goodness of essential oils and extracts directly to end consumers. Our products empower home aromatherapy practices, enriching lives with natural wellness.

Mission and Vision: Innovate with Integrity

Our motto "Innovate!" echoes our technological leadership in obtaining and processing plants in Bulgaria. We're passionate about beating trends and excelling in organic aromatics, active ingredients, and client products. Our vision extends beyond industry norms, driven by innovation, quality, and a sustainable approach.

Achievements that Speak Volumes

Over the years, Ecomaat has garnered a wealth of achievements that showcase our dedication and expertise:

  • Cultivation of over 450 hectares of nurtured oil-yielding crops
  • State-of-the-art distillery plant for essential oils and hydrosols production
  • Cutting-edge machinery for extracting active ingredients and fragrances
  • Pioneering organic certified essential oils and CO2 extracts since 2004
  • A fully-closed production cycle ensuring quality and consistency
  • Collaboration with prominent cosmopolitan companies across various fields
  • A loyal base of returning customers and affiliations with local and global specialized organizations
  • Adherence to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 22000:2005 standards for excellence and safety organization

At Ecomaat, we're more than a supplier; we're your partner in creating exceptional, organic products that enrich lives and elevate industries. Join us on this remarkable journey, as we continue to set new standards in the flavors and fragrance industry.

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Atanas Krachmarov

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