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Jerry O'Regan
  1. Valencene ex orange - Natural Isolate

    Ingredients Category: Natural Molecules

    Product Origins: Canada

  2. Trans - alpha - Bergamotene

    Ingredients Category: Natural Molecules

    Product Origins: Canada

  3. Thujone 90 % min. - Natural Isolate

    Ingredients Category: Natural Molecules

    Product Origins: Canada

  4. Sinensal, alpha and beta - Natural Isolate

    Ingredients Category: Natural Molecules

    Product Origins: Canada

About Company

Cedarome is a worldwide producer & supplier of pure and natural essential oils, cold pressed Citrus Oils, Canadian Forest Naturals & Natural Isolates.
Registered In - 1984
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Certification - IFRA - REACH - Pro Cert Organic
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Established in 1984, Cedarome has been, since then, an international producer and supplier of pure and natural essential oils, Canadian Forest Naturals, cold-pressed citrus oils, and natural isolates. The products are extensively applied in aromatherapy, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, fragrance, personal care, industrial cleaner fields, and flavoring.

For more than 30 years in the industry, Cedarome has acquired highly skilled and proficient personnel that ensure to produce and deliver specialized products that meet various demands. We achieve this by applying the wide scope of productiveness and exclusive processes and expertise presented to us over the years. We take pride in our Canadian forest Naturals, particularly coniferous oils, absolutes, concretes, and resins, as they are, without a doubt, the finest.


Over the years, we have been producing and supplying the best unadulterated and natural essential oils to the world. For that reason, we only get the premium raw materials directly from the best and trusted network of producers. The finest produce we get is as a result of the long-standing relationships built over the years with our producers. What’s more, we, at Cedarome, feature extensively controlled operations that enable us to guarantee origin. We have specialized quality systems including firm supplier certification where all raw materials are evaluated in our secured facility. We ensure all-encompassing and rigorous monitoring in all stages of operations up until the final product. 

Our Mission

Our mission here at Cedarome is to generate products that are obtained responsibly from nature to serve the senses. Therefore, our purpose and essence state: Nature Serving the Senses. Nevertheless, our values, philosophy, and code of conduct are the key elements of our mission that aid in directing our daily decisions and practices.

  • We have RESPECT for all people as we concentrate on all our agents, clients, employees, and suppliers
  • We recognize the fragility of nature and know that it’s our RESPONSIBILITY to preserve it
  • We have the INTEGRITY as we unswervingly make the right decisions by being honest, transparent, loyal, and always gaining trust
  • We portray the GENEROSITY spirit by contributing to both the people and nature to lead by example

Our Vision

Our vision at Cedarome is to expand and develop into the leading and most innovative universal essential oil company. This is only possible through going beyond producing and supplying to progressively joining forces and supporting our current and future partner producers. Eventually, we’ll secure land worldwide to plant raw materials most ecologically.

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Jerry O'Regan

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