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Hakam BABA
  1. Mint Green

    Ingredients Category: Raw Materials

    Cultivation methods: Conventional

    Botanical name: Mentha Viridis

    Product Origins: Morocco

  2. Lavender

    Ingredients Category: Raw Materials

    Cultivation methods: Conventional

    Botanical name: Lavandula Angustifolia

    Product Origins: Morocco

  3. Laurel Leaves

    Ingredients Category: Raw Materials

    Cultivation methods: Organic, Conventional

    Botanical name: Laurus nobilis

    Product Origins: Morocco

  4. Khella Seeds

    Ingredients Category: Raw Materials

    Cultivation methods: Conventional

    Botanical name: Ammi Visnaga

    Product Origins: Morocco

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Production and exportation of selected seeds ,herbs, medicinal plants and essential oils.
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Certification - Organic
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2001 is the birth year for Hakam Baba Sidi Herbs. It is a company that specializes in the manufacturing and exportation of aromatic and medicinal plants, essential oils, spices, hydrolats, and vegetable oils. We are located in Marrakesh, Morocco.

Mr. Hakam, the founder of this company, had for many years been passionate about aromatic and medicinal plants. This passion and desire to interact with this plantation led him to establish this company and name it BABA SIDI Herbs, paying tribute to his grandfather. Since the beginning, the company has devoted itself to export development strategy that has ensured its first delivery to Europe. We are hoping to conquer the extensive markets worldwide.


Hakam Baba Sidi Herbs provides excellent quality products thanks to the incredible generosity that the Moroccan ecosystem offers. We base the style of our production on four major points. First, we ensure stringent selection of our picking. This happens away from pollution and follows the doctrines of viable development. Secondly, we combine traditional expertise with modern scientific technologies in the production and processing of our products. We include an internally developed traceability system that ensures firm monitoring of all production stages to product delivery.

Thirdly, the company features two big warehouses in Marrakesh that accommodate large product quantities to ensure availability. For an excellent supply chain, we arrange all the products by type while storing them. Last but not least, the valuation process goes on to the last stage, which is product packaging and delivery. We take into account all individual requirements of our clients to ensure customer satisfaction.

Core Values

Here at Hakam Baba Sidi Herbs, we are committed to serving our customers. Our company’s success is through the satisfaction of all our esteemed customers. With that in mind, we strive to improve our products and services to meet every client’s specific demands. As a result, we remain at the top of the industry.

At Hakam Baba Sidi Herbs, we guarantee the quality of all the products because we constantly develop and verify our quality management system to provide premium grade and safe plants and oils for human consumption.

We believe that teamwork is the beginning of success. Therefore, we constantly engage our employees to make them feel valued and have a deep sense of belonging to the company. Thus, they work fervently to deliver excellent results.


  • Morocco Foodex
  • Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
  • Organic Certification NOP-EU
  • Agreement no EPSCP 21.79.15 I’ONNSA

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Hakam BABA

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