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  1. Hyssop

    Ingredients Category: Hydrosol

  2. Petitgrain bigarade SFOA *

    Ingredients Category: Hydrosol

  3. Common sage SFOA *

    Ingredients Category: Concretes, Absolutes, Waxes, Hydrosol

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Egyptian organic producer of Essential Oils from aromatic plants since 1955
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In 1955, AF&Co. was founded by Ahmed Fakhry upon his return to Egypt after studying Chemical Engineering at the École Polytechnique in Paris. He introduced aromatic botanicals to the area of Kutur, where over 98% of Egyptian Jasmine is grown today. For two decades, AF&Co. produced 60-80% of Egypt's Jasmine concrete in its factory, as well as other aromatic raw materials. Perfumery legends Edmond Roudnitska and Jean-Paul Guerlain traveled to Egypt and supplied themselves directly at AF&Co.

In 1981, Ahmed Fakhry retired, putting AF&Co.'s farm and factory on lease for the following 15 years. He passed away in 1998. In 1997, Hussein Fakhry, Ahmed's son and a graduate in Physical Geography and Marine Sciences from Clark University in the USA, returned to Egypt to pursue his father's legacy and face new challenges in the evolving F&F industry.

In 1999, AF&Co.'s farm and factory received EU Organic certification, followed by USDA-NOP and Demeter (biodynamic) certifications in 2003. That same year, Chérifa Rachad, Hussein's wife and a graduate in Agriculture Engineering with an M.Sc. in Aromatic & Medicinal Plants from Cairo University, joined forces for a dual leadership of AF&Co. The company launched numerous R&D projects regarding the introduction and naturalization of new botanicals not endemic to Egypt. They also restructured and modernized AF&Co.'s business model while maintaining the family business spirit.

In 2008, AF&Co. opened its Farm Agrilodge to host partners and allow them to experience all of their harvests and productions on-site. In 2012, they established The Fakhry Aid Foundation, organizing and expanding their social activities, and added cold-pressed oils to their portfolio. In 2016, they upgraded their Quality Control department with more cutting-edge analytical equipment and training QC staff.

In 2017, AF&Co. launched an expansion and diversification project, starting with a four-fold production capacity increase (to 240,000 liters) with dual extraction and distillation flexibility. Warehouse storing capacity was upgraded to cater up to 135,000 kg of oils, with additional expansion underway to reach 270,000 kg, all under controlled AC atmosphere. AF&Co.'s administration and labs moved to new HQs west of Cairo, where the legal registered office remains.

In 2018, AF&Co. achieved REACH Registration of Geranium oil, Jasmine Absolute, Jasmine Concrete, Neroli oil, Blue Chamomile oil, Sweet Marjoram oil, and Sweet Basil (Linalol) oil, with AF&Co. serving as lead registrant for Geranium oil and co-lead registrant for Jasmine Concrete.

In 2019, AF&Co. obtained the coveted FSSC22000 certification from Intertek, making it the only Egyptian aromatic raw material producing company to hold it. Hussein Fakhry also became Chairman of the IFEAT Executive Committee. Today, AF&Co. offers an extensive range of 150+ products and by-products (EOs, Concretes, Absolutes, Extracts, Waxes, Hydrolates, Specialty Fatty Oils, etc.) under conventional and certified organic farming and processing certifications, produced from soil-to-oil and delivered to all five continents, serving the global F&F, aromatherapy/phytotherapy, pharmaceutical, animal feed, cosmetics, well-being, and home fragrance industries. Their MOQs range from 50 grams to multi-ton deliveries.

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