Elecampane Floral Water is a natural extract derived from the flowering plant Inula helenium, which is native to Europe and Asia. It is known for its pleasant fragrance and various medicinal properties. In this technical document, we will provide detailed information about Elecampane Floral Water for buyers interested in purchasing it in wholesale quantities.

Synonyms: Elecampane Floral Water is also known by other names such as Inula helenium floral water, Inula floral water, and Horse-heal floral water.

Botanical names: The botanical name of the plant from which Elecampane Floral Water is extracted is Inula helenium.

Chemical composition: The chemical composition of Elecampane Floral Water is quite complex and varies depending on the extraction method used. However, it typically contains a range of essential oils, terpenes, and other aromatic compounds, such as camphor, pinene, and eudesmol.

Growing Locations: Inula helenium is primarily grown in Europe and Asia, where it thrives in damp, marshy areas. It is cultivated for its medicinal properties and its use in perfumery and aromatherapy.

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