Tagetes concretes are natural extracts obtained from the flowers of the Tagetes plant. They are widely used in the fragrance and cosmetic industries for their aromatic and therapeutic properties. This technical guide is intended to provide information to buyers interested in purchasing wholesale quantities of Tagetes concretes.

Synonyms: Tagetes concretes are also known as Tagetes oil, Tagetes essential oil, Tagetes absolute, and Tagetes flower oil.

Botanical names: Tagetes concretes are extracted from the flowers of the Tagetes erecta and Tagetes patula plants, which belong to the Asteraceae family.

Chemical composition: The chemical composition of Tagetes concretes varies depending on the extraction method and the location where the plants were grown. Generally, they contain high levels of terpenes such as limonene, myrcene, and ocimene, as well as thiophenes such as tagetone, and tagetol. They also contain carotenoids, which give them their characteristic orange color.

Growing Locations: Tagetes plants are native to Mexico and Central America, but they are now grown in many countries around the world. The highest quality Tagetes concretes are typically sourced from plants grown in India, Egypt, and South Africa.

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