Benzoin concretes are an important ingredient in the manufacturing of perfumes, incense, and various other products. They are derived from the resin of the benzoin tree and have been used in traditional medicine for centuries. In this technical specification, we will discuss the various aspects of benzoin concretes that are relevant to buyers who wish to purchase them in wholesale quantities.

Synonyms: Benzoin concretes are also known as styrax resinoids, gum benzoin, and benjamin.

Botanical names: The benzoin tree belongs to the genus Styrax, and its scientific name is Styrax benzoin.

Chemical composition: Benzoin concretes contain a number of chemical compounds, including benzoic acid, benzyl benzoate, cinnamic acid, and vanillin. These compounds give benzoin concretes their characteristic aroma and flavor.

Growing Locations: Benzoin trees are native to Southeast Asia, particularly Sumatra, Java, and Thailand. They are also grown in parts of South America and Africa.

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