Yarrow CO2 extract is a highly concentrated and potent essential oil extracted from the aerial parts of the yarrow plant using the CO2 extraction method. It is widely used in various industries such as cosmetics, aromatherapy, and food and beverage. If you are a buyer looking to purchase yarrow CO2 extract in wholesale quantities, this technical guide will provide you with essential information to make informed buying decisions.

Synonyms: Yarrow CO2 extract is also known by other names, including Achillea millefolium extract and Yarrow essential oil.

Botanical names: Yarrow CO2 extract is derived from the Achillea millefolium plant, which belongs to the Asteraceae family.

Chemical composition: The primary constituents of yarrow CO2 extract include chamazulene, β-pinene, sabinene, camphor, β-caryophyllene, and α-pinene. The exact composition may vary depending on the extraction method and the geographic location where the plant was grown.

Growing Locations: Yarrow is native to Europe and Asia and is widely cultivated in North America. The plant prefers dry and sunny conditions and can grow in various types of soil. It is often found growing in meadows, pastures, and along roadsides.

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