Galbanum Co2 extract is a valuable botanical extract used extensively in the perfume and flavoring industries. If you are a buyer of wholesale quantities of Galbanum Co2 extract, this technical guide will provide you with information on its synonyms, botanical names, chemical composition, growing locations, odor type, olfactory description, regulation, extraction method, applications, and price range.

Synonyms: Galbanum Co2 extract is also known as Ferula Galbaniflua Resin Extract, Galbanum Oil Extract, and Galbanum Resin Extract.

Botanical Names: The botanical name of Galbanum Co2 extract is Ferula galbaniflua. It belongs to the Apiaceae family.

Chemical Composition: Galbanum Co2 extract contains a complex mixture of chemical compounds, including pinene, cadinene, myrcene, beta-pinene, limonene, and alpha-phellandrene.

Growing Locations: Galbanum Co2 extract is primarily produced in Iran and Turkey. It is also grown in some parts of Afghanistan, Iraq, and Lebanon.

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