Rose, Damask

Rose Damask Butter is a fragrant oil derived from the Damask Rose flower. It is widely used in various industries such as perfume, cosmetics, and food, among others. If you are a buyer interested in purchasing wholesale quantities of Rose Damask Butter, this technical guide will provide you with important information about its synonyms, botanical names, growing locations, part of the plant used, chemical composition, odor type, appearance, extraction methods, industrial uses, and market price.

Synonyms: Rose Damask Butter is also known as Rose Oil or Attar of Roses.

Botanical names: The botanical name for the Damask Rose is Rosa damascena.

Growing locations: The Damask Rose is native to the Middle East and is widely cultivated in Bulgaria, Turkey, Iran, and India. These regions are known for producing high-quality Rose Damask Butter.

Part of the plant used: Rose Damask Butter is extracted from the flower petals of the Damask Rose.

Chemical composition: Rose Damask Butter contains a complex mixture of chemical compounds, including geraniol, citronellol, nerol, linalool, and phenyl ethanol. These compounds give the oil its characteristic aroma and therapeutic properties.

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