Mastic Absolute is a highly valued natural ingredient in the perfumery and cosmetics industry due to its unique aroma and therapeutic properties. This technical guide is designed to provide essential information to buyers interested in purchasing wholesale quantities of Mastic Absolute.

Synonyms: Mastic Absolute is also known by the following names:

  • Mastika Absolute
  • Pistacia lentiscus Absolute
  • Lentisk Absolute

Botanical names: Mastic Absolute is extracted from the resin of the Pistacia lentiscus tree, a small evergreen shrub that grows in the Mediterranean region.

Chemical composition: The main chemical constituents of Mastic Absolute include α-pinene, β-pinene, limonene, myrcene, and β-caryophyllene. These compounds contribute to the unique aroma and therapeutic benefits of Mastic Absolute.

Growing Locations: The Pistacia lentiscus tree is primarily found in the Mediterranean region, particularly in Greece, Turkey, and Morocco.

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