Cinnamon absolutes are a popular ingredient used in a variety of industries, including perfumery, aromatherapy, and cosmetics. As a buyer interested in purchasing cinnamon absolutes in wholesale quantities, it is important to have a thorough understanding of this product, including its synonyms, botanical names, chemical composition, growing locations, odor type, olfactory description, regulation, extraction method, applications, and price range.

Synonyms: Cinnamon absolutes are also known as cinnamon oil or cinnamon bark oil.

Botanical names: The botanical name for cinnamon is Cinnamomum verum, also known as true cinnamon, and Cinnamomum cassia, commonly known as cassia.

Chemical composition: Cinnamon absolutes are composed of various chemical compounds, including cinnamaldehyde, eugenol, linalool, and coumarin, among others. These compounds contribute to the distinctive aroma and therapeutic properties of cinnamon oil.

Growing Locations: Cinnamon trees are native to Sri Lanka, but they are also grown in other tropical regions, such as Indonesia, India, and Madagascar.

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