Ambrette Absolute is a natural oil extracted from the seeds of the Abelmoschus moschatus plant. It has a strong musky scent and is used as a base note in perfumes and fragrances. If you are a buyer looking to purchase Ambrette Absolutes in wholesale quantities, this technical guide will provide you with valuable information about the product.

Synonyms: Ambrette Seed Absolute, Abelmoschus moschatus Absolute

Botanical names: Abelmoschus moschatus

Chemical composition: The main chemical components of Ambrette Absolute are muscone, ambrettolide, and ambrettolic acid. It also contains other compounds such as linoleic acid, palmitic acid, and oleic acid.

Growing Locations: Ambrette is native to India and is also found in other parts of Asia such as China and Nepal. It is also grown in some parts of Africa and the Caribbean.

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