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Nishesh Shah
  1. PAPRIKA OLEORESIN W/S / 20,000 COLOR UNITS TO 50,000 CU - Natural Colours

    Ingredients Category: Oleoresinoids

    Product Origins: India

  2. PAPRIKA OLEORESIN / 20,000 COLOR UNITS TO 120,000 CU - Natural Colours

    Ingredients Category: Oleoresinoids

    Product Origins: India

  3. RED CHILLY - Spricedrop

    Ingredients Category: Raw Materials

    Product Origins: India

  4. CUMIN - Spricedrop

    Ingredients Category: Raw Materials

    Product Origins: India

About Company

Manufacturers and Exporters of fine quality Spice Oils, Oleoresins, Natural Colours and Spice Drop range of Instant spice extract.
Registered In - India
Company Team Size - 11-50
Certification - FSSC, Kosher, Halal and Spice House certified company
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Universal Oleoresins

Welcome to Universal Oleoresins – A world of Fine Quality Spice Oils, Natural Colors, Spice Oleoresins, and Spice Drop. With us, you get to unlock your flavor and feel the power of pure spices! 

Are you ready to explore our high-quality Spices & Essential Oils and more? Browse through our list of products and choose your preferred products. We are ready to take your order!

Who We Are

At Universal Oleoresins, we transform raw spices into economic and easy-to-use top-quality extracts. With our ultra-modern machinery, cutting-edge labs, and well-trained personnel, we produce exceptional spices that conform to health standards and world food. 

Registered in 1981 in Kochi India, Universal Oleoresins is established on ethical production that fulfills best practices and standards in the industry. The company holds various certifications that reflect its commitment to the highest standards of sourcing and producing the best spices. Some of these certifications are FSSC, Halal, Kosher, and Spice House, FSSAI, and FDA.

What we Offer

Universal Oleoresins is a Manufacturer & Exporter of fine quality Spice Oils, Natural Colors, Oleoresins, and its proprietary product, Spice Drop. The company is an affiliate of Shah Group of Concerns, which has a combined turnover of more than $25 million. 

It enjoys a privileged position in the domains of Tea Exports, Vacuum Formed Products, Rotomoulded Products Manufacturing, 3 Dimensional Displays, Outdoor Advertising, Real Estate, and Stock Broking. Today, Universal Oleoresin is internationally accepted in the Spice Oils & Oleoresins industry.

Our Infrastructure

For us at Universal Oleoresins, preserving natural fragrances and other active ingredients of delicate spices requires expertise. The whole process involves gentle processing, which is an art. Our team of experts has perfected this art and offers only the best quality that is a result of the unique processing of extraction. 

Our team has a wealth of experience in separating extraction plants for different oleoresins. They also have competence in the steam distillation process for plants to extract volatile spice oils. We have highly qualified, experienced, and passionate personnel at each production stage, and their goal is to provide you with the best essential oils and spices available.

How Our Process Works

Universal Oleoresins take special care in ensuring that all products are manufactured meticulously in closed systems. All production processes also conform to the different international food regulation acts, which ensure that only the best products get to our valued customers. 

All our products are Kosher Certified and you can be sure that they are free of Genetically Modified Organisms, animal fats, Allergen, DNA, novel proteins, catalysts, and enzymes, among others.

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Nishesh Shah

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