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Tim Bailey
  1. Violet Leaves Absolute

    Ingredients Category: Absolutes

  2. Vanilla Absolute

    Ingredients Category: Absolutes

  3. Tuberose Absolute

    Ingredients Category: Absolutes

  4. Spinach Absolute

    Ingredients Category: Absolutes

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Worldwide distributor of the highest quality ingredients, aromas, flavours and fragrances .
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Phoenix Aromas

The Phoenix Difference

Phoenix Aromas has been leading in the Essential Oil and Aroma Industry for more than twenty years. This has given us plenty of experience in the field that ensures we stay at the top while producing excellent quality products. What’s more, we have access to premium quality raw materials which ensure that we deliver the best at all times. We partner with our clients around the world to supply remarkable products and provide custom-made fragrances and flavors that meet their various demands. In other words, we take the needs of our customers with great attention to ensure satisfaction.

We are…

Aware of the changing marketplace and specific needs of every individual that depends on our products. As a result, we ensure constant product innovation and alteration to meet consumer predilections in our dynamic market all around the world. These innovations occur as a result of the technical specialists at Phoenix Aromas collaborating with ingredient buyers. Ultimately, we become accustomed to an ever-progressing marketplace.

We keep…

A firm eye on every detail surrounding us that can impact supplier dependability. These include the fluctuation of currency and political socioeconomic proceedings, among others. Our clientele base is aware of how much we anticipate, instead of just retort to, the unique encounters that come with the industry. As a result, we get to enjoy our customers’ loyalty due to the extraordinary customer service offered.

We provide…

Fast response to the proposals of our customers, top-quality raw materials at competitive pricing, and exceptional fragrances and flavors. Therefore, we guarantee to offer products of premium quality and excellent customer service. By doing this, we at Phoenix Aromas endeavor to stay devoted and become your trusted partner for continuous growth and success.

Our Global Distribution Facilities

The Phoenix Aromas distribution amenities are deliberately found in North America, China, United Kingdom, and Brazil. This enables us to deliver our products to a wide array of clients around the world effectively. As a result, we remain to be reliable to our customers and their needs. Our headquarters at Phoenix Aromas is at 355 Chestnut Street Norwood, New Jersey. In Europe, we are at 24 Wyncolls Road Severalls Business Park Colchester CO4 9HU in the United Kingdom. A new facility is also coming up in Germany. We are located in Rua Fradique Coutinho, 212 Conj.55 in Brazil and Nanjing, Gulou District in China room 1606, and No. 99 Zhongshan Road.

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Tim Bailey

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