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Amanda Su
  1. Rose oxide racemic

    Ingredients Category: Aroma Chemicals

    N° CAS: 16409-43-1

  2. Homoprenyl isobutyrate

    Ingredients Category: Aroma Chemicals

    N° CAS: 28568695

  3. Isoamyl Alcohol

    Ingredients Category: Aroma Chemicals

    N° CAS: 123-51-3

  4. Diphenyl oxide

    Ingredients Category: Aroma Chemicals

    N° CAS: 101-84-8

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Chinese manufacturer of aroma chemical, aroma ingredient and essential oils
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Odowell is an establishment that was started in 2012 and deals with Flavors and Fragrances as its primary purpose. Since commencement, we have continuously looked for new raw materials accompanied by advanced technology to fulfill the rising pursuit of product diversity and quality for perfumers and flavorists.

Production and Certificates

The production facilities at Odowell were established way before we started the company in the early ’90s. Later on, around 2009-2010, we set our facility in Industrial Park in North Jiangsu Province. You will find our new facilities together with two well-equipped R&D centers in Jiangsu Province, China. These facilities produce over 40 selections of constant and unswerving quality products.

The products at Odowell are rigorously produced following the standard requirements of the highly sought-after ISO 9001, ISO18000, ISO 14000, and ISO 22000. We are also certified by the Halal, Kosher Jewish certificate, Chinese food production license, and FCC code.

R&D Quality Control

We strive to uphold long-standing relations with our partners and everyone we interact with. That is why here at Odowell, we have built a collaborative relationship with Zhejiang University laboratory which ensures we meet the ever-changing demands of all our clients. What’s more, the collaboration sees to it that we have product stability and development for customer satisfaction.

Our QAQC team is highly skilled in the field of analysis and impurity control. This expertise is a result of staying in the European and American markets for an extended period. The team listens and makes adjustments where necessary to meet the accurate control of flavors and fragrances blend and also to ensure safety and reliability.

Operation Capacity and Logistics, Warehouse

Currently, Odowell and its branches distribute a plethora of premium quality products every year. As China’s Logistics Information Management System experiences rapid growth, we have managed to collaborate with major Shanghai International forwarders. Thanks to this collaboration, we can supply our goods fast and efficiently to the global markets and also store natural and synthetic aroma ingredients in the Shanghai warehouse.

Excellent People

Our flavors and fragrances offer the world a sense of beauty. That is why at Odowell, we handle first-rate formula raw materials and work hard to support and collaborate with the chronological perfumers and flavor chemists in China’s F&F field.


Our vision is to constantly share safe ingredients with the F&F industry. Having highly qualified personnel in every department coupled with contemporary chemical analyzing instruments, we strive to fuse F&F industries for the benefit of the consumers.

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Amanda Su

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