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Procurement platform of natural ingredients for the F&F, cosmetic and aromatherapy industry


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Sandra Guillemaux

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Since 1922 it has being manufacturing, producing and distilling for five continents.
Registered In - 1922
Company Team Size - 169
Certification - Not provided
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<p><strong>Maximum control and certification of our raw materials</strong></p> <div class="clearboth">Since its creation in 1922, Bordas has carefully selected the raw materials with which to satisfy the desires of his clients by perfecting its processes, achieving excellence in management and reaching out the highest standards in terms of quality and food safety.</div> <div class=" vc_custom_1573132363297"> <div id="text-block-26" class="mk-text-block "> <p class="blanco"><strong class="blanco">Flavonoids, aromas, aroma chemicals, essential oils, fragrances, fruit derivatives, extracts, herbs and spices.</strong></p> <p class="blanco"> </p> <p>Since 1922 it has being manufacturing, producing and distilling for five continents</p> <div class="clearboth">Bordas is an important benchmark in the international market in the agri-food industry, chemistry and fine chemicals with almost 100 years of experience.</div> </div> </div>

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Sandra Guillemaux

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